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Hartford Dunn, LLP Launches Firm to Partner
With The Top Law Firms & Attorneys in the Nation

CALABASAS, CA -- Hartford Dunn, LLP has joined partnerships with the top 200 litigation attorneys and firms throughout the nation to offer innovative litigation services to help homeowners fight foreclosures and misrepresentations against the banks, it was announced today by Michael Riley, senior partner of Hartford Dunn, LLP.

Hartford Dunn, LLP uses state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, proprietary software and technology that allows its attorneys worldwide to access case files and communicate with each other in real time. The Firm’s pioneering use of this multi-million dollar software is one of the main reasons for Hartford Dunn’s success and its ability to provide the highest-quality, expert legal counsel to its clients.

The Firm works directly with the most skilled and aggressive lawyers in the country to fight banks on behalf of consumers, provide comprehensive back-end services required to support litigation and offer highly-responsive customer service.

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